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A fun, open and soulful journey through the high spirited energy of the Japanese taiko drum, blended with percussive sounds and festive song and dance




SCHOOL INCURSION After a cracking Taiko Japanese drumming performance at our whole school 𝑯𝒂𝒓𝒎𝒐𝒏𝒚 𝑫𝒂𝒚 assembly, some of our senior students were fortunate enough to have a go for themselves in a Taiko workshop. Big thanks to the YuNiOn team for their wonderful contribution to our Harmony Day celebrations! Woolooware High School 22/03/2024


MARDI GRAS PARADE "When I heard the sound of the kane and drums, I was so happy that my heart trembled. It was because of YuNiOn that the 80 participants had so much fun. Thank you for your cooperation and making the most amazing parade together!” "The sound of the kane and drums echoing through Oxford Street was extremely powerful. YuNiON beautifully represented Japanese culture in the way I had imagined." Gender Free Japanese Koki and Ayaka Yamada 02/03/2024


BIRTHDAY PARTY "This was one of the coolest, most meaningful things that’s ever happened to me in my almost 50 years. Thank you to our beautiful friends. Who I will always think of as family." Michelle McRobert 24/02/2024


SCHOOL SPECTACULAR Taiko Ensemble Performers 23-25/11/2023


SAMURAI FIGHT SERIES "We want to thank YuNiOn for a unforgettable experience. These guys drummed for every warrior going to battle. The experience was like no other and I know the feedback was amazing We can’t wait to have them back on future events. They set the new standard!!!" 18/08/2023


SCHOOL INCURSION "Thank you both for the energy and enthusiasm you brought to the girls on Wednesday." Sally Mizoshiri 19/07/2023


COMMUNITY TAIKO SESSION "Thank you for a very fun term! It's been inspiring watching you play with such precision and panache!" Christina Ho 29/03/2022


ONLINE TAIKO WORKSHOP "My daughter attended the Japanaroo online taiko workshop. Just as I expected, Masae and Graham’s passion towards taiko was still transmitted online." Tomoko Player 03/12/2021


TAIKO THERAPY "Taiko Sessions have been so wonderful. I initially signed up to connect with my ancestral roots and learn a new instrument but I ended up getting so much more. My hands and fingers have been restricted by a rheumatoid condition for several years, but they started to move more freely. Just wow! I’d say the combination of sound healing and a joyful space created the setting for this healing to occur. I’m so grateful." C. Camilleri 11/07/2021


COMMUNITY TAIKO SESSION "YuNiOn’s community Taiko classes are really fun and engaging. Masae and Graham are kind, patient and energetic teachers who clearly love sharing the joy of their art with others in an encouraging and inclusive way. I would recommend their classes without hesitation. " Jude 21/06/2021

YuNiOn and Satsuki Odamura a unique collaboration of sounds

COLLABORATION CONCERT "It was a privilege to witness the energising creative collaboration of traditional Japanese drums and Koto at our local theatre. The intimate environment enabled us to literally feel the music, and closely observe how the musicians move, interact, and produce the wonderful world class sounds." Ted Pirola 20/06/2021


CORPORATE PERFORMANCE "The night was wonderful and you, your family and the other players were simply fantastic. It was the best and right decision to engage your group. Graham, you demonstrated a wonderful understanding of audience behaviour which enabled us to deliver the right mix of performances throughout the night. This ability to put an audience first is a very rare and precious commodity. You have it in spades." Lumino Events Kathryn Lee Photo by ASB Creative 14/03/2020


SYDNEY FESTIVAL 2020 "I was deeply moved by your performance and artistry at the recent Sydney Festival show you gave at the NSW Gallery, and I wanted …... to tell you your performance had a profound effect on me”….. Chris Pidcock Cellist from Sydney Symphony 16-25/01/2020


SCHOOL PERFORMANCE "The taiko incursion was very interesting and educational. I enjoyed the performances and how they were very interactive with the audience. I also enjoyed learning about the history of the taikos and seeing my peers go up and have a go." C. Deng (8JA5) St Andrews College 25/06/2018


SCHOOL PERFORMANCE "The kids and teachers had the most wonderful time!” Kim (Wilkins Public School) 20/06/2018


TOWN HALL STEPS "Very happy” ………"the performance worked well and we would do it again” Prideaux Entertainment 24/01/2018


COMMUNITY PERFROMANCE “Fantastic! Moved me to tears!” John Couani 18/02/2017


4 WINDS “eclectic mix of world-class international and Far South Coast musicians..performing their fantastic and unique collaboration” “On stage were Four Winds artistic director James Crabb on classical accordion, visiting Japanese Shinobue bamboo flute player Yasukazu Kano, YuNiOn - made up of Masae Ikegawa and Graham Hilgendorf performing percussion/taiko drum, and Bega Valley artists David Hewitt on percussion, Kade Brown on piano, and Sam Martin on double bass” Bega District News 27/01/2017


“….. thanks for sharing your magic and positive heart space to make the world a better place.” Elizabeth McKenzie 20/11/2016


HAIKU "YuNiOn visits O-nami swells from heartbeats Valley of sound waves" Alistair Doole Stonewave Taiko Bega Valley 05/11/2016

Marrickville Festival 2016

PERFORMANCE “ moving on, taking the Centre Stage “ John Leung Photo by John Leung 23/10/2016


CHARITY EVENT "Thank you, Graham and Masae san for wonderful performance. It was energetic, powerful and fun! Everyone loved it!!!!" Yuriya Diancin 17/07/2016


SCHOOL PERFORMANCE "It was a truly wonderful day and people are still talking about how much they loved the Japanese Drumming..." Jonathan Holowell Matraville Sports High School 21/03/16


CORPORATE WORKSHOP "For our staff development day, we wanted everyone to feel connected and in tune. YuNiOn was our surprise warm up activity, and Graham and Masae were the perfect leaders. Their gentle, upbeat energy had everyone smiling, tapping, and even attempting the odd shimmy. They really helped us set the scene for a great day. And now a colleague has suggested we need a drum at work for stress release!" Ruth Thompson 25/02/16

ExpHorozon 2015

SCHOOLS WORKSHOP "We would have YuNiOn back in a heart beat. Their workshop at our music camp was inspired, creative, educational and above all fun!" Tracy Burjan 15/10/2015


PERFORMANCE "The energy from you all was really up-lifting and made me smile so much. That is the sort of Taiko/Fue I love to watch and play." Claire Boyle 24/09/2015


SCHOOL PERFORMANCE "YuNiOn presented a highly energetic and engaging drum performance for our Kindergarten students. They are a pleasure to deal with and come with our full recommendation." Nick Potten Wilkins Public School Deputy Principal 16/06/2015


WORKSHOP "Thank you Masae and Graham for a wonderful afternoon learning about the mysteries of the kimono and the wonders of Taiko. It was a fantastic way to spend a Sunday." Rebecca Kaiser 17/05/2015


PARTY "YuNiOn performed at our family welcome night 2015 and provided the perfect vibe for children and families to come together and celebrate their starting at Globe Wilkins preschool. It was amazing. Everyone talked about it for weeks after." Ruth Mules Globe Pre School Director 24/04/2015


PRE SCHOOL PERFORMANCE "YuNiOn had everyone engaged in a very short amount of time. There was such a warm feeling, it was glorious and I felt the drumming in my soul! We will definitely be having them back next year." Marcia Globe Pre School 12/02/2015

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